UAE jobseeker lured in by traffickers

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The Indian ambassador has warned people against accepting jobs without the proper papers, after one woman was held against her will and told to work without pay by a trafficking gang.

The 33-year-old Indian national accepted an office job and travelled to the UAE for a new life on August 14. But instead she was taken to Ajman to work as a housemaid. She refused, saying she was an educated woman and wanted the office job she was hired for.

She was then taken to Al Ain, forced to live in a house with other woman and told she would only be released after three months’ work for a family in Oman.UAE jobseeker lured in by traffickers

Indian Ambassador TP Seethram told 7DAYS: �?People should make sure they have the proper working permits before they come here, as this will help protect them from fraudulent recruitment agencies that promise fake jobs.”

He also advised jobseekers to have India’s Foreign Affairs Ministry check their recruitment agent has been approved.

The woman was only rescued after managing to get a message to her brother, Dev Tamboli, who works in Qatar. He was able to get his sister help after sending a tweet to Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who alerted the authorities in the UAE.

His sister escaped her captors in Al Ain and was able to reach local police.

�?My sister was lured to the UAE after agents promised her an office job,” Tamboli told 7DAYS from Qatar. He said the recruitment agents tried to convince her sister they would take her to Oman, before they would let her go.

He urged jobseekers to be wary of recruitment agents and ensure those they do use are registered with the Indian government. Tamboli said: �?People shouldn’t trust agents in Mumbai and other Indian cities, as there are many that are promising fake job offers, only to lure them into other things.”