UAE Eid travellers urged to check in online

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Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports have urged flyers to arrive early for their flights over Eid Al Adha as they expect a surge in passenger traffic.

Dubai Airports has also encouraged passengers to check in online if they can before heading to the airport to ease queues. Abu Dhabi has asked that people flying out over the holiday to arrive an hour earlier than usual.

Wednesday to Friday is a paid holiday for the private sector in the UAE, while the public sector will also be off until Sunday.

A Dubai Airports spokesperson said in a statement: �?On average, Dubai International welcomes 180,000 passengers every day and this figure is expected to surge to record levels during this week on account of the Islamic festival of Eid Al Adha.UAE Eid travellers urged to check in online

Dubai Airports is working with airlines and our other partners, such as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs, Dubai Police and Dubai Customs to maintain service quality across the airport and to ensure the comfort of all our passengers.

�?During this period, Dubai Airports will deploy additional staff at key points from the kerb to the boarding gates to ease customers through the airport. We are also encouraging our passengers to utilise online check-in if provided by their airlines and arrive early to the airport to have a pleasant start to their journey.”

The CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, Ahmad Al Haddabi, added that the main surge they see is an increase of passengers flying to Jeddah, as well as tourists arriving from other GCC countries.

Emirates said it had prepared for a busy period from September 17 all the way to September 28. It said the top destinations that travellers are heading to are Dhaka, Mumbai, London, Karachi and Cairo, with short haul travel constituting about 52 per cent and the rest long haul.

The carrier said that throughout September it is expecting to fly more than 300,000 people out of the UAE. It is also advising people to arrive early – at least three hours before the flight – and check in online, as well as leave more time to get to the airport.